I woke up this morning to cold. After a beautiful day of seventy degree weather, snow piled back up at my door and freezing temperatures slipped back into my house. We fired up the wood cookstove and since the oven was warm and ready, I felt obligated to bake taco pie and pineapple upside-down cake. […]

  p.s. Do you see the worm house? Made from carrots? Are these kids not the cutest things EVER?

It was almost painful to watch, the first time you had to say you were sorry for your behavior. You stuttered and forced the words from trembling lips. We watched the battle play across your face. Pride dies hard. Humbleness hurts. You looked at me with huge tears sliding down your cheeks and I wanted […]

There’s something intimate and beautiful that happens when a woman gives birth. Something glorious. Or so I’m told. “So, until you have your own baby,” I hear, “you just won’t understand.” And when I believe them… something in my heart withers and dies. There’s a special mother-knowledge that is only for those whose bodies aren’t […]

People are so hard to work with. There are always disagreements. There are always hurts. There are always frustrations. It’s a painful business! Every church or group that I’ve been involved with has produced the same outcome. Joy and pain. Both. They are interlocking. It’s impossible to have one without the other. Pain-filled, difficult people fill our […]

Every happily married couple, after a certain length of time, is asked the loaded-question, “What do you do to keep your marriage so alive?” My usual response is to mumble, “I dunno,” and look at the ground. In fact, for a long time, if I was going to list anything about my marriage, it would be […]

She asks the question and I want to hide. Why ask me? The childless mother? “What is the most important character trait to instill in my children?” She must see that look—the flicker of fear and inadequacy because her hand is on my arm. “Tasha,” she says, her gaze unflinching, “I’m right in the middle of […]

Over the past few years, I’ve learned some things about pain. They’re not exactly profound, but they are true. The first thing: Pain is pain. (Told you they weren’t profound.) But before you roll your eyes, let me explain. In life, we’re all very good at ranking pain. What you face is not nearly as […]

I was sixteen that year, finished with high school and praying, “God, what should I do with my life?” It was a natural progression. God had shown up when I was twelve and by the time I was thirteen, I had been dipped down, down into the baptismal waters. Now three years had pasted in quietness and my […]

Some days are easier than others. Some days I wake up and life is filled with sunshine and my husband is wonderful and my heart is content. And then comes the day when the teenager is pregnant, the baby is being raised by a grandmother, and the mother who doesn’t want to be bothered aborts. Those are […]


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