Pain Redeemed

There are hundreds of ways that pain can rip through our lives.

How are we to face it? How do we keep from crumbling under the weight?

I wrote a book. Not because I’m the world’s best writer but because I feel that God has given me a message.

It wasn’t a message I particularly wanted. I mean, who wants to know pain intimately enough to write a book about it? But I do and He said, write, so I wrote. It’s a story, really. My story, intertwined with those whose lives have intersected mine. A story about pain. And miracles.

“Natasha shares very personal stories of her relationship with her Redeemer, in a way that makes you ache for more of Him.” – Gretchen Louise

Discover God’s presence in the midst of your trial, be it infertility (as mine was) or anything else that is holding you captive. You are invited to join me as I share an honest look at the hardest points of my journey and the most difficult questions about God, life, and painful experiences.

With personal stories, very real (and raw) journal entries, you will see how God met me right in the darkest parts of my struggles.

“I love a woman who can be raw and honest and is not afraid to get messy with her faith. [Natasha] draws a unique picture of finding victory in the midst of feeling pain.” –Heather

This is not a theological look at pain. It is simple in style and format and is meant to meet you right where you’re at and stir up your heart to hear the Father’s voice from the midst of your painful life experiences. Short and to-the-point, this is the perfect tool for you or a friend who is struggling.

Are you walking through heart-shattering pain? Perhaps this book was written just for you. It’s my soul laid bare. Tread softly. And come taste the miracle with me.

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Though I have not faced the pain of infertility, Natasha’s eloquent voice echoes my own heart’s journey, and reminds and clarifies all God has been trying to teach me.Trina Holden

I found encouragement for the journey in this book so full of “wisdom pearls” and hard-won courage. I found new strength and I am grateful for a Pain Redeemed. -Loretta

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