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  1. Bethany Davis says:

    Hi Natasha,

    You have me beat by a long shot in the niece and nephew department:-D I love that you and your hubby have so many nieces and nephews. I’m afraid that I did some commandeering of my own nephews and niece when they were babies. I may or may not have said to my Mom or Dad “OK! Give me the baby!” on a few occasions. I’m sure your nephews and nieces are probably all growing up so fast like mine are. I loved hearing about the warm hug you got from your Dad watching your newest nephew (at that time) through the nursery window of the Hospital.

    God Bless,

  2. Norma Zehr says:

    So wonderful. Can identify!!!

  3. Natasha Thank You for this beautiful post. God Bless you and yours. Wishing 2019 to be a happy and blessed year for you.

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