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  1. Bethany Davis says:

    P.S. A home made pizza to end the fun adoption day….Can I say….PERFECT!? I love pizza myself!

  2. Bethany Davis says:

    Hi Natasha,

    What a great post. I too was adopted, but I was 10 months old. My folks celebrated on the day when I came HOME. We never did anything super elaborate, but that’s okay. Probably the most elaborate thing we ever did was sometimes Mom would let me go to a few of my favorite stores and maybe a light lunch out, but it didn’t happen every year, but I’m okay with that. Sometimes Mom would make us a pot of tea and make a plate of treats or fun snacks and we would just hang out together. On a couple years when I was about your daughter’s age, she took me to the nearby park and let me play for awhile. I love the fact that you kept your daughter’s coming home day simple and quiet. I love what you did with the pancakes too. I think a table set with china, pancakes done with hearts in the middle and a fun scavenger hunt is perfect! I totally understand that you wanted to keep things simple and not do it up too elaborate.
    God Bless!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time, Tasha, and you’ve provided great tips for not only adoption day, but other special dates as well.

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