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  1. I came upon your blog when I searched the scripture about the watchman . The more I read I realized it was no accident . We adopted 3 from foster … our son came at 6 and he’s now almost 13. It’s been quite a journey and the depression and anxiety from the stress can be so hard..but Hecis faithful and called us on this journey . Cheryl in TX🙂

  2. Jessiqua Wittman says:

    This breaks my heart and makes me happy at the same time. Breaks my heart with sadness, but makes me thankful for love. The ever sticky ooey gooeyness of the way they both linger. I pray someday your family is able to see the long term effects of your child’s short term stay in your home. <3

  3. I’m so sorry for your pain. I can feel it in your words. My prayers are with you, your family and your little girl. Somethings we will never understand this side of eternity.

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