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  1. Of course this is late but I appreciate the complexities of the adoption process – each of the children that came to our family via adoption has a unique story that included its fair share of tears and anguish. you really do begin to bond the moment you hear about a possible placement. i never knew how to compartmentalize my feelings and keep the distance that would protect my heart. I’ve learned since then that its all part of parenting. the vulnerability. a love so big , Scary and sweet. your resolve to know and accept that for now children are not part of His plan is beautiful. I am thankful to be able to sit on the sidelines in prayer and watch your story unfold. Be blessed sister.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Thank you for this. <3

  2. Thanks for this. I was one of those people who thought if I can’t have a baby of my own, I can just adopt. Your post made me realize it’s not that easy. It also made me realized that I thought I was fully trusting in God, but I’m actually putting my hope on something else other than God. I appreciate your blog, I appreciate you.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Thank you, Claire!

  3. Thank you for writing this. So often people throw the “Just adopt” out there, with no idea of just how difficult and trying that can be. Through it all, we can rest in the Lord and know that His will is perfect and pleasing.

  4. justlikemyfatherseyes says:

    🙂 Believing that God will do abundantly above in your life … I can’t wait to rejoice with you and for you!! 🙂 Thanks for your openness and raw honesty and your positive example of the benefits of turning to God in our pain and hard times. Love and blessings to you,Rhonda

  5. fullherlife says:

    Thanks so much for the extra glimpse into your world Natasha… I’m blessed by your thanksgiving! ~Blessings out, Amy

  6. Natasha, grateful I was led to your blog a few months ago. Your heart for God is beautiful and inspiring. I thank Him for your life and testimony. I continue to wait on Him in several areas of my life. It’s not easy. But the more I stand in need, the more I am aware of His goodness. I pray for you, as your journey continues…

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Isn’t it wondrous how His goodness shines brighter in the middle of need? So thankful.

  7. So grateful always for your wise words and your surrendered heart, Natasha. Beautiful tribute to the Lord’s goodness.

  8. “• I’m thankful for the lesson of open hands. Holding palms upward, fingers forced down. There, in this position of surrender, hurt is bearable. The moment fingers curl upward to cling and long and grab—breathing stops. Oxygen cuts off. Desert-lostness and dying-thirst exudes.”

    This one really pierced me, Natasha. A reminder to me when the pain feels unbearable…am I opening my hands to my Abba? Thank you.

  9. We are going through the process of adoption now. We have one biological child and were never able to conceive another. We have been involved in some part of the adoptive process since early 2009, with a cross-country move right in the middle. It is a humbling, wrenching, anxiety-producing experience, even when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t completely trust that we will actually have another child at the end of this, but I do trust God, and I know we are at this point because of him.

    All this to say that I appreciate this post very much, most especially for what you said about friends having children in the midst of your failed adoption. During the year of waiting for seemingly nothing, friends of our who had no children and had been waiting much longer were able to FINALLY adopt a beautiful little girl. Two other friends got pregnant and had daughters. How thankful I was to be able to hold those sweet girls, even while struggling with doubts in our own situation. I now know that there were some things in my heart that I had to surrender in order to be ready for someone to surrender her child to us.

    Your perspective is such a good reminder to me that God is always in control, and he has our very best interests at heart. Thank you for that.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      It is definitely a lesson in surrender and recognizing that God is the one in control. Thank you for adding your perspective!

      Many, many blessings as your journey continues…

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