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  1. Ohhh friend, how I understand the art of being beautifully broken. It’s a process He’s been taking me through as well. Praying for the broken seasons to be brief, but not too brief or they’re likely to be forgotten.

  2. Beautiful post. I too am a messy, broken sinner. Praise God for his mercy but especially for the Hope he has given me. This world is not all there is, my weak body is not the end but rather the glorious beginning. I too press on, straining for what I do not see, but know with complete assurance is, the fullness and completeness of Christ in me.

    1. “straining for what I do not see…” Hmm… yes. yes.

      As C.S. Lewis put it, “further up and further in!” We keep striving, keep going, to a deeper knowledge of God.

  3. Excellent post! “I’m a redeemed messy, broken-up sinner.”
    Hey, your name is my name too!

    A pastor once explained atonement by breaking down the word “at-one-ment” Atonement is Christ’s sacrifice that makes us “at one” with God.

    1. I like that definition!

    1. Thank you. Thank you for doing discipleship with me and forcing me to look deeper into the things that I think I know. I love that there is always more to God…always another step in. xxxx

  4. Your post made me think of this Larnell Harris song:

    Were it not for Grace. I could tell you where I’d be…stumbling down some pointless road to no where, with my salvation up to me. And I KNOW how that would go and the battles I would face…forever running, but loosing the race…were it not for Grace.

    1. Hmmm… thanks for this. Will have to go listen to that song.

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