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  1. Natasha, this is so good. Thank you. As a new wife, I treasure heartfelt “advice” and real stories like yours. 🙂

  2. Delite Christman says:

    Tasha, As always you hit the nail on the head. Very good tips. At our house we say living in the light is so important and the word I’m sorry is so important!!! Keep writing. You are an inspiration to me to be a better wife!!

  3. Great article Natasha!
    I love the dream world ideal….boy, don’t we all have that!

    I wrote a post a while ago about the different ways I try to be intentional in my relationship with my husband {}.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Yes! I LOVED that post. I should have linked to it! I’m glad you added it here.

  4. Loooved this article and esp. the tip on “fighting fair”. Sooo important in my book! I am thankful for a husband who is quick to apologize for things that might have been said in haste. Always try to be kind and forgive are kind of our mottos.

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