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  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I needed this. I’ve read several of your posts today. I have been praying and believing for so long and then I gave up. Then I believed again. Then I gave up-that cycle has gone on and on. Years. Then I got mad. At God. Then I felt bad. Then despair and shame at my lack of faith lack of maturity-then I read about David over and over and somehow I know I’m normal even though there seems nothing normal about what is happening. Nevertheless I will believe. From my garden, thank you.

  2. Yes yes! I have several blog posts on this same topic! So much power when we thank Him BEFORE the miracle – I love that it shuts out room for complaining and room for the enemy to step in! This is so good!

  3. I’m up with you in the night, for the same reasons…it’s exhausting. I had to remind myself on Tuesday that I needed to stop stressing and just remember His goodness…that all will come together. He’s never left us before, why would he now.

    Lifting you in prayer too.

    1. Exactly, Jess! He’s always gone before me– and I know He will continue to.

      And in the end, it’s not my will, but His that I desire. So when I stop and think, of course I trust Him! I trust Him to do good things, even if they are hard things for me. I trust Him to provide, even if the way He provides isn’t what I wanted. I trust Him to work miracles– to do the things that bring glory to His name.

      And somehow, praying for other needs, working to help others in their struggles, and giving Him thanks– all these things release the anxiety from my heart.

      This life is so short and so insignificant in view of eternity. Learning to truly embrace the verses about not worrying about tomorrow is my goal to this season.

      Praying for you too, friend. For your new little one, and the whole family, as you walk this season. xxoooxx

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