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  1. themelissaanderson says:

    As we start our 3rd year in the wilderness, this was good to read and receive. I feel like there are days that I’m learning to trust all over again…learning to believe He is inherently good no matter the outcome even though I’ve claimed that over and over…and acceptance feels closer to resignation yet again. Infertility is most certainly a wildnerness, a desert where we are tempted to turn to the Enemy’s promises of comfort and meaning. Thank you for reminding me of this, in a time when I thought I was pretty stable, but am realizing that I’m just numb and battling a sneaking depression.

    Your post served to remind me that I would rather be in the wilderness with Him than in the promise land without.

  2. Grace Lapp says:

    This is just what I need to hear this week! Thank you for allowing God to speak through you. It’s another reminder of how He knows my heart and ALWAYS provides. I’m learning to let go and trust Him fully. Thank You Lord!

  3. Sounds wonderful, Tasha! I’ve learned that the wilderness with God is better than anywhere without Him.

  4. I’ve just recently started reading exodus again, because I feel like I am still wandering in that wilderness. Your post nearly brought me to tears. Thank you .

  5. So excited about this series! I love that verse from Hosea…the pure Love of my Father shines through so clearly. thanks for sharing!

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      It is one of my favorites. Well, Hosea in general is my favorite, but that verse in particular.

  6. such a great post and awesome reminder! 🙂

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      I’m so glad! These posts have been keeping me up at night (as in, I can’t go to sleep because I have to just write down this one thing…) and I’m looking forward to sharing them!

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