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  1. Hey Natasha… Thanks for this. I’m also in a waiting period in my life and I’ve been greatly encouraged by those verses, they’re God’s promises to us his children. However, Sometimes i wake up and wonder, ‘Did God say No and i did not catch it? ‘ So my question is, how do you actually know the Lord is asking you to wait and not saying No to your request?

    1. I guess we always have to be willing for a “no”, don’t we? And I feel like God is good, He doesn’t play games or confuse us (we do plenty of that on our own!) and He WILL make it plain at some point.

      I remember when there was a guy I was interested in years ago, and I asked God and felt the “wait” answer, then eventually that became “no” and my heart was ready for it right when it was revealed.

      Someday, I may wake up and realize that God’s “wait and see” for children has changed to a “no” and I want to use this time now to have my heart right with Him, trusting Him, believing Him– so I can live fully from that place when/if the time comes.

  2. Natasha this is beautiful! Waiting is what I have been doing for so long and I love this perspective. Thank you

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