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  1. Jesus? I come to you tonight on behalf of a sweet Sister who’s heart is aching with loss and confusion. I can tell that she wants to trust you and be brave through this journey. Help her to rest in your love and to wait patiently for whatever is your very best for her. It’s so hard Lord. Please give her peace, comfort and a little extra light to guide her along the Isaiah 42:16 path ahead of her in these days. And Lord…above all, please help her to continue to reach up to you, out to us and across to others who need to hear Your voice through her…to never, ever shrink back from this place thinking no one wants to hear or care. You do…we do. And we love you Lord….in the powerful name of Jesus I pray…Amen

  2. Thank you for your words and sharing your heart. Today has been one of those days for me–realization that I am not ok (just as you said above) and that I might need help from others to get through this. I found your blog through A Royal Daughter, look forward to getting to know you!

  3. Lord, I thank you so much for your beautiful daughter, and for the gift that she is to this earth. I thank you for all of the talents that you’ve given her to bless the church and to reach the lost. Lord, you know the path her life has taken her… you know the ups and downs and the hurts she faces. Be near to her. Bless her with a HUGE awareness of your presence, with a deep desire for your voice- and Lord, let your joy bubble out of her. Bring her ever nearer… Further up, and further in, you know.

  4. Thanks for sharing these words, you heart, with us!
    I will be praying for you. That you may really experience the Lord’s presence with you in your heartache and your pain. That you may continue to grow ever closer to Him and that He shows you more and more of His heart. His love for you. x

  5. Dear Lord,
    You know Lauren’s pain and heartache. You know the longings of her heart and the depth of her despair. And most wonderful, Lord, you know her name–you call her “Mine.” You claim her as your dear daughter. And you weep with her. You beckon her to come into your embrace–to find rest and healing in the only arms that can offer it. Father God, comfort Lauren in this time of intense grief, bring her your peace and the hope that surpasses all understanding. Help her to trust in your faithfulness, despite how things look through her human eyes or understanding. All of this is prayed in Jesus precious name. Amen.

  6. I know there are no words that I can say to lessen the pain; it’s all too familiar. But please know that I will be praying for you, for peace especially. *hugs*

  7. Thank you for sharing your story, Lauren! It is beautifully written, and touches my heart. I will be praying for you!

  8. I’m praying for you, Lauren. I’ve been through the journey, and I understand the pain. All of our stories are unique to each one, but the grief which accompanies infertility and pregnancy loss translates the same to each soul who experiences it.
    I pray peace and wholeness to rise out of brokenness. God is faithful:).

  9. Dear Lauren,

    I don’t know, really, your particular pain… but I know my own, and I can enter yours in part. I know what it’s like to not be okay. I know what it’s like for things to not make sense at all. I know of dreams dying, hopes being crushed. But I also know, like you, of God’s goodness in the middle of it all, and of the deeper and deeper surrender. It hurts–really, really hurts. But it’s worth it, in the end–to have less of us, more of Him. This is the short part… soon, we will be with Him, forever.

    Oh, God, thank you. Thank You that You know–that You were a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Thank you that you are here, with us. Always. Thank you for leading us through our pain into fuller and fuller surrender. Thank You that You do it out of love. I pray in particular for Lauren–increase her faith and love for You. Let her see You as her all–Let her find her peace and joy in You, simply You. Show her the beauty that is found even in pain… and give her hope that it will not always be winter. Spring will come. We love You. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

  10. Dear Father, I pray that You would comfort and encourage Lauren as she travels this difficult road. Help her to trust and to rest, as You are helping me, in the assurance that You have a perfect plan for our lives – – even if that plan never includes children of our own. Help her to have confidence in Your skill as a healer, a miracle worker, a great and mighty Saviour. Help her to step back from all her trying and fixing and heartbreaking efforts to simply allow You to work. Give us all grace to serve You with these temples, and help us to allow You to be the One that issues forth life from them. In Jesus’ name.

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