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  1. Rebekah W says:

    Your testimony applies to more women than just those who suffer from primary or secondary infertility. I’ve had dreams die, too, such as you mention when your children are younger than your adult friends children. My oldest (who has autism) gets left out of ‘activities and life-events’. Not necessarily on purpose or with malice, but it still hurts. I’m incredibly thankful for those parents & their children that do reach out & life is just sweeter somehow w/a special needs child in our midst. So just sharing that what you wrote reaches farther than you may realize 🙂

  2. i will not cry…I WILL NOT CRY!!! darnit!
    i was told 5yrs ago that i could have not more children (diabetes +premie=bad combo) so i had a tubal. fast forward 5yrs and horrible girlie issues caused me to have a procedure tuesday that made me barren. i LOATHE that word!!! in my mind the tubal was always temporary…or atleast God would use that .9% chance of conception to give us another angel to love.
    i’m doing ok…praying through all these emotions.
    thank you for your story! 🙂

  3. It is so hard to be “good” going through infertility, to not withdraw, to not resent…oh it is hard.

    So glad that your story sees you now with a son and a daughter.

  4. Amazing and so encouraging! Thank you and blessings.

  5. What a beautiful story… thanks for sharing ladies! ~Blessings out, Amy

  6. This post was incredible Rhonda! Thank you for honestly sharing your pain and God’s goodness. You’ve lit a little spark of hope in me that perhaps, after 13 years, God will indeed somehow bless us with the gift we so desire. Someday.

    Thank you. :’)

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