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  1. You know what … some how that particular Scripture escaped my notice. I got all caught up in the other one. Where the leavening is equated with sin and so yeast always bothered me. Especially in a small church we attended for a while that passed around a whole loaf of freshly baked bread at the Lord’s supper. I knew there was yeast in there because one of my ministries was baking it on Saturday evening to bring to our fellowship. And every week it was like swallowing a lump, that then sat hard in my stomach, because my heart equated the yeast with my sin. Interesting, yes?

  2. Just beautiful… I myself am a bread maker in progress. And like that I want to be learning and growing in God’s kingdom love and work every day. So nice Natasha! 🙂 ~ Love out, Amy

  3. As a bread baker myself, I was touched, and in awe of my Saviour, after reading this post. Thank you for your beautiful words, Natasha, that paint such a picture of Him.

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