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  1. What a beautiful testimony and reminder of what truly is MORE important. Christ! I just pray that I’m shining Christ’s light as brightly as I can. It’s all about Him. I was just thinking this morning of how greedy we can be and how self-centered we can be; even when serving God. I mean, are we doing all things unto the Lord? Or for recognition and glory and “pats on the back”. It’s humbling to me. I don’t want people to see me but to see Christ, always.

    I am thankful for limited finances too. I know it’s not always the case, but being poor helps us trust God more and have more faith, I think. Being totally reliant and dependent on Him is amazing.

  2. My heart is with you here! Oh I know this pain. I am thankful for limited finances too. It has changed people. It has changed me. The way we see “things”. The way we see what really matters. I’ve seen it in so many. I remember not too long ago when business was booming, people were making tons of money and house prices were doubling within a year… people were greedy. People were still looking for more. And many of my friends were adorning their houses with incredible remodels… at an incredible price. Christmas gifts were expected to be off the charts expensive. And we had all lost sight of what matters. I lost sight of what matters. So yes, I too am so thankful for limited finances. Great blog! I am glad I found you. 😉

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Very, very well said!

      Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you. 🙂

  3. It is definitely hard to feel like you just keep giving and get nothing in return. Even the idea of storing up in Heaven, sometimes doesn’t take away the yucky at not being able to do as you please.

    But putting Him first, will ALWAYS work for good.

  4. Sounds like your heart is in the right place, encouraging post 🙂

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Thanks. 🙂

  5. Oh… you speak my language! I love this post and can relate to so much you said… mostly, though, to the feeling grumpy or being angry at God. Thank you for sharing your heart and for taking the time to visit my place this morning! ~Heidi

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Heidi. There have definitely been times of feeling grumpy or angry. So thankful for a God who has patience. 🙂

  6. This is so beautiful – and yes I struggle with it all the time. We spent quite a few years shooting for the big house, the newest cars, everything. Then our hearts started to get really heavy. And of course we knew none of those earthly things mattered…but still…..
    Now we have been in a house that’s too small for all of us, beat up cars, and giving up lots and lots of wants – and through this learning to give thanks anyways because really we have all that we need. God always stretches the money to provide where we need it. We are choosing to be thankful for everything this year. Even the things we so badly want changed. Because in the end none of these “things” matter at all. What really matters is that we lived for Christ.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Amen! What really matters is that we live for Christ.

      May we all come to truly recognize this truth!

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