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  1. Always a blessing…..You are!!!!!

  2. “Over and over we heard the story. He came. For real. For us. For me.” Beautiful, Natasha!

  3. Loved reading your story natasha….beautiful!

  4. Dear Natasha,
    I so enJOYed reading along with a few of your memories… and because of your words, I’m picturing what your house is beginning to look like today. What a blessing you are to me. ~Love from Maine, Amy

  5. Natasha… have more soul children than most people. I am awed by your generous spirit to include so many little hands and voices in your life. You invite LIFE, LAUGHTER and LOVE into your home. Your do not have a barren house…it’s a Christ filled to the brim HOME full with the heady scent of Gospel living. Gah. that’s beautiful! I see so much Isaiah 54 prophesy bearing fruit here.

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