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  1. Curt Christman says:

    Tasha, I have no real understanding what you and Amos are walking through. As I’m writing this I realize I don’t even know what I want to say. Just please know that you are loved by me and I have every confidence that what you are going through will not be in vain. I keep deleting my words because they are not worth anything. Love you guys. Thanks for sharing your heart and bringing hope to others.

  2. My dear, sweet Tasha,

    You don’t know me, I haven’t commented much over the many years I have followed your stories, but it has been many years and many stories. I am one of those who have been blessed, and touched, and also cried along with you through my own journey of infertility and losses. Yah has blessed us with children dotted here and there through that, and several early losses as well.

    I want to thank you for being real. So often we feel like we have to be ok during the hard or somehow we are less than or just waiting to be judged by all those “perfect” people out there who seem to have it all together. It really is ok to not be ok! I also really appreciate the main point here – through all of the hard you endured this past year, Yah was there in it with you and nothing was missing! This is such a beautiful truth and one I think we overlook in those moments of hurt.

    I don’t know why your journey looks the way it looks – why you have so many painful things to overcome. I do appreciate very much that you continue to share even through these moments of grief so that others may be edified by the wisdom you gain.

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