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  1. I’ve often stared at knits and thought, “it’s just loops and knots!” and thought similar things about life analogies.

    1. Of course, Nicole. Because we’re twins! =)

  2. Patrice Puddington says:

    Thanks Tasha, I appreciate your words and the way the Lord uses them. I’m encouraged that my knots are part of God’s greater plan. Blessings to you!!

  3. Judi Siegrist Stahly says:

    That’s lovely, Natasha! My husband has done the same for me. I’m getting to the place where I’m realizing the value of making my skein into a ball before I start. It feels like a waste of time until the tangles start frustrating me. Just curious, how did the red yard turn into green yard? Is this a Christmas afghan of Christmas colors?

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