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  1. Norma Zehr says:

    Once again, Mel and I read this together and loved every morsel. Thanks Tashy!!!!!

  2. Dear sister in the Lord,

    Thank you, for this, you have reminded me that as a teacher, as I am, it is the aftermath of a situation that us Osteen important for the children. That is when they truly learn and also when as parents and teachers, we learn as well.

    What a comfort this is to read this.

    In Jesus’ Name,

  3. Delite Christman says:

    Once again! You said it so well.

  4. Rhonda Freed says:

    More tears here… for the beauty and pain and truth of these words! It’s not easy… but it’s beautiful!!

  5. Your writing is incredible, thank you for the encouragement!

  6. Gail Snave says:

    You come from good stock, Natasha. I know. I know your Mom and Dad, known your mom since she was 6. I know your Grandma and Grandpa Lyndecker. I know their faith, their lives, the wisdom that was in parted to them. That is what you come from. We are adopted of Our Father, and our adopted children, learned and are learning from that heritage, with God’s guidance and wisdom it shall be done.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! It made me cry…and continue to heal…and continue to wonder why. It amazes me how God created a woman to nurture life and to want to be a mother. After four healthy children and two miscarriages, I am so grateful for what I have, but deep inside I still long for more! There are so many of us who share this desire. It helps to know that we are not alone! God bless you!

  8. Marcia Clifton Robbins says:

    I actually think it is good for children to see that you can mess up, feel bad about it and say I am sorry. There are times I was angry at my children because they did wrong and I would say, “I love you but not your behavior”. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect. God does expect us to do our best with his help.

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