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  1. An incredible post for me too! I have had many children. Some are in Heaven. Some are struggling with sin here on earth. Some are serving the Lord each day and some are learning to serve the Lord. My heart has broken many times while loving my children. I have cried out to God, begged and pleaded for Him to intervene on behalf of my children. I have begged my children to cry out to Him Who is The Creator of all. I pray that in this life, the millinium, or in eternity, that you get to experience motherhood in all it’s wonders, from the moment you realize you are pregnant and dream of the wonderful things your baby will be and do, to the sleepless nights of babymoon, aching arms of letting him or her be independent, and then the pride you feel when you see the Father working in and through him or her. It is truly a miracle! Should the Father plan otherwise, I have been told that an eternity with Him is a greater dream than even the biggest family here on earth. In light of how close the Lord’s return is, I asked a 20 something year old student in my class how he would feel about eternity coming before he became a family man. He said that he would not even notice any lack because his joy in the Lord’s presence would be so full. I pray that God gives you that peace here and now because the thought of you sad as Hannah was sad, breaks my heart.

  2. This is an incredible post, Natasha! It is so desperately difficult to face loss and sorrow. To feel the ache day after day. May you take some comfort in knowing that you and your husband are mighty warriors of God. He is using you to help others–the lost in Haiti, the suffering in the States. I pray the Lord will bless you with children of your own, but know that you are already nurturing so many, not the least of whom are me.God bless!

  3. Beautiful. Redemption is so beautiful. It reminds me of that old song that has the line that goes , “I’ll bring the sacrifice of praise, into the house of the LORD.”

    1. I was just singing this today!

  4. Wiping tears away as I finish reading this post…so deeply beautiful and inspiring. I’m seeing this in my own life and others’ lives enough to where I’m realizing that
    God. Uses. Everything.
    No suffering is wasted when we give it to Him.
    He’s so good.

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