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  1. Did you ever sit on rooftops in Haiti? The roof over the dining area of the orphanage was perfect for this sort of thing (though I did have a traumatic experience when I discovered a stash of teeth. Apparently it’s “good luck” to throw your lost teeth on a roof. Ahem.)

    Then I had a swing in an oak tree in our pasture, but that tree died and the swing broke and the branch fell off and we started building a house nearby, so that place isn’t even a “place” anymore. Maybe I should find a new “pink chair” too…

    1. Yes, Everly! I loved the rooftop at the mission! Most of the time I would get up very early at just sit on our porch, but on the days when I missed that– I would go to the roof. It was also a great place to pray over the valley! 🙂

      Teeth? Oh, my. I didn’t know that one. Glad I never found any…

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