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  1. The anticipation of new life is so hopeful and amazing! May this baby draw your family even closer together! This miracle is on my list of answered prayers, and I’m also praying as you wait to meet him or her!

  2. Natasha, thank you for this inspiring post. I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers.God Bless you and yours.

  3. Natasha I am so happy for you and your family. You and your baby are in my prayers .
    God Bless

  4. Judith Anne Stahly says:

    Natasha, Thanks! It’s nice to get a little inside picture of your family life these days! You are so right. God has this. God is good no matter what. When I was in process of having my miscarriage and we were walking into the hospital to get an ultrasound, I remember looking around and saying to my husband, “No matter what we find out in there, when we come back out, the trees will still be green, the flowers will still be blooming, and the birds will still be singing.” What I meant by that was not, “The world will go on, oblivious to my heartache and my loss,” but rather, “God will still be on his throne, and he sees everything and God is still good.” Aunt Judi

  5. So beautiful. I still remember crying tears of joy when I read you were pregant, and being excited for your family. I’m crying again at how amazing and mysterious God is through your hard, wonderful, love filled story and this new chapter unfolding. I am single but I have read your blog for years becuase it speaks to all of us no matter what our story may be…because we all have pain and loss in our own story sometimes. I love reading this update with all the feelings and thoughts and moments, not just from you but those in your life…it’s just filled and beautiful to see God at work. Prayers for health and your family and this little one as you head towards the home stretch! 💗😍 And thank you for always being open to share your story…the Good, the hard, the messy, and the beautiful. 💕

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