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Lessons from the Wilderness (a living faith study)

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A Living Faith Study

Meet the Israelites during their wilderness wanderings and the God who wasn’t content to just free their bodies but also desired to see their hearts set free from slavery.

When the Israelites left Egypt they expected to enter the Promise Land, but first God took time in the wilderness to teach them four important things. He taught them about trust, servant-leadership, worship, and shalom-community. 

And as it turns out, God wants to teach us these same things as well. 

In this study you will find suggested reading, historical commentary, personal stories, and a place for journaling your own journey through these four essentials to the Christian life.

A free excerpt:

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Through the Biblical books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, we find the story of the Israelites wilderness wanderings and some of the richest and most vital historical records on earth.

The importance isn’t necessarily because they tell us of Israel’s history, though that is fascinating and important, but mainly because they tell us how God reveals Himself to His people.

God taught the Israelites some life-altering truths while they stumbled through the wilderness, and those truths have the ability to transform our lives today.

In this study we will look at four essentials that God taught the Hebrew people during their wilderness wanderings, how He worked to take them from slaves to sons, and how God uses those truths to heal the slave-mentality we carry in our own hearts.

This is my prayer for you as you complete this study: that God will use the repetition of this story to heal you up as well. That He will touch hidden places in you, where you’ve been harboring slave-thinking and remind you of your position as sons and daughters of the One-True-King, the God-Who-Is-Actively-Present in our lives.


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