(Living Faith Study) The Contemporary Woman’s Guide to Titus 2 Ebook


The Contemporary Woman’s Guide to Titus 2

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Living Faith Studies are written to be engaging, conversational, grounded in Scripture, and a launching pad for more study and thought. They are designed to be used in personal study or with a small group or Sunday School. 

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In the beginning of Titus 2 there is an instruction for older women to teach the younger women–and then a list of things to teach them about. But what do they all mean?

  • be sober
  • love their husbands
  • love their children
  • be discreet
  • chaste
  • keepers at home
  • good
  • subject to their husbands

This list has ruffled more than a few feathers in the church over the years, but there’s something better to do than just ignore it. With this study you can take time by yourself or with friends to look a bit closer at each attribute listed and what God is actually asking of the women who claim His name.

Word by word we will dive into what it means to allow the gospel to transform our lives, and what it means to be women of God today.



>> INTRO <<

As I sat down to write this study on the eight attributes in Titus 2:4-5, I was assailed with doubts. You have so many struggles, so many issues, what do you think you’re doing?  I reached for the laptop, intending to shut it and walk away when I felt the Spirit calm my wild thoughts. The beginning of Romans 8 began running through my mind.  Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus… 

One afternoon several years ago, my friend, Cindy, told me that memorizing scripture increases the Holy Spirit’s vocabulary in your life. Knowing what He says in the Word helps us know what the Lord has to say to us during our daily lives.

Just like Cindy once taught me, the Holy Spirit was using Scripture to speak into my life. Romans 8, a passage I once memorized, tells me there is no condemnation for all the ways I’ve failed. He is not standing over me with a stick, ready to beat me back with reminders of the ways I have disappointed Him. Instead, He is cheering me on, promising that He is ready and willing to remake me.

Everything I am about to write, I know because someone, somewhere, took the time to teach it to me and now I want to be faithful to pass on the truths that I have been given.

I’m not writing this study because I have it all figured out. In fact, you’ll find out soon enough that I struggle with dozens of things—from washing dishes, to loving well, to being truly sober.

But here is a little secret: this is not about me.

I still struggle with so much ugliness: rebellion, pride, anger, lust, bitterness… But the sins of my heart only make me hold so much tighter to the cross of Jesus Christ.

As Hebrews 4:15 tells us, Jesus is able to sympathize with our weaknesses and through Him we are able to boldly come before the throne of grace.

Thank you, Lord!