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  1. Sister sister. Breathtaking beauty wrapped up in timelessness. Like it so much! I miss Autumn in New Jersey. I grew up in Franklin, NJ on the edge of the Appalachians and, if I still my mind to fix upon it, I can still feel the sharp sting in my chest from breathing in that first frosty, early morning air. I miss it sometimes! But my Yankee blood has grown thin since moving South!

  2. I grew up in the desert and though we had Autumn, it’s nothing compared to what I now see in the Midwest! I absolutely love trees and the joy of seeing them change. Love this post dear. Beauty in dying. God is so good to show us the eternal in the finite.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Isn’t He though?

      Autumn is one of the many reasons I love my home state. 🙂

  3. Always love this time of year. So nice outside, so nice for writing. Thanks for sharing this Natasha

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Isn’t it though? Such a beautiful time of year and so full of truth and hope and life.

  4. Absolutely beautiful words and pictures. God spoke to you. Thank you for sharing His words with us. Love from Maine Natasha… Amy

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      thank you, dear Amy. <3

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