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  1. Ben ODell says:

    2 books you missed:

    God in the Rainforest

    Gentle Savage

  2. I read a book years ago rented from my church library and now they no longer have it and I can’t remember the title or find it anywhere. It was a large coffee table style photo book of all the documented images of this story. Many were from a LIFE magazine photographer. I read the entire thing and became fascinated with this story. I returned it to my church library and have been hunting for it ever since!

    1. I know what book you’re talking about, but I’ve never found it either! It must have been a limited edition, perhaps on one of the anniversaries of their deaths.

  3. Caleb Kaspar says:

    Thanks for this list, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Carolyn Edge says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I can’t see a date on it so maybe it’s been here for a long time and this comment is no longer relevant… but just in case anyone is still reading, I’ll write it anyway! I have just stumbled across it, having got a bit obsessed with this story myself recently. It’s so good to know there are other books out there about it that I haven’t read yet!
    Also three more to add: I have also read ‘These Strange Ashes’ about Elisabeth Elliot’s first year as a missionary in Ecuador before she married Jim (possibly published under a different title originally). Then in 2019 Jim and Elisabeth’s daughter Valerie Elliot Shepherd published ‘Devotedly,’ – telling the Elliots’ love story through their letters and diary entries – it’s, as you said above of Jim, intense, but also really moving. They REALLY loved each other!
    And finally one I haven’t read yet but have ordered and I’m eagerly awaiting – Elisabeth Elliot’s biography written by Ellen Vaughn and published Sept 2020, called ‘Becoming Elisabeth Elliot’.
    Thanks for the encouragement, I’m glad it’s not just me who is totally captivated by this story from all angles!

  5. I grew up in Ecuador with the Saint, McCulley, Youderian kids and Val Elliot. The story of the 5 men who spent a few days on the Curraray River was (is) a big influence in my life. I joined Mission Aviation Fellowship in 1977 and they assigned me back to Ecuador where I flew for 22 years. I had the privilege of flying into Waodani villages and helping them in many different ways. About two years ago I wrote a book for my grand kids (whose mothers grew up n Shell, Ecuador) which tells the story of the “Auca incident” from the eyes of the yellow Piper , 56Henry. I’d be happy to send you a copy for your Ultimate Book List if you would like one.

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