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  1. Rebekah Widrick says:

    Will be praying for you, Natasha, as you become God’s hands & feet…

  2. Awesome. I love you both more and more. I have some Mennonite friends who are being sent to your region to start a church. New York State SOMEWHERE! Blessings on you Natasha. Have I said it enough that I can’t wait to meet you? 😉

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      🙂 New York State *is* quite big. It is a 5-6 hour drive for us to go to Staten Island (7-8 in bad weather/traffic).

      We’re one of those crazies who live up near Canada. 🙂

      1. Canadian “wannaBees” 😀 Yeah, you crazy! I’m from Jersey…..the Appalachian part of the tri-state region. LOOOOOOoonnng time ago. I’ve been in the South so long that my “Yankee” blood has run thin and I freeze upon contact with the state line in wintertime!

        Have a great time serving with your husband, you have done great things for my marriage girl. There’s a blog in there. <3

        1. Natasha Metzler says:

          Oh, fun! That’s about an hour south of us. 🙂

  3. That’s great that you’ll be helping out in Statin Island. I live on Long Island, right nearby. My family goes to a church in Brooklyn, you guys should stop in if you’ll be nearby on Sunday. We go to Ridgewood Pentocoastal church, Brooklyn. Thanks for the help you’ve given other people in need, it means a lot.

    1. I hope I marry a guy that has a big heart like that!

      1. Natasha Metzler says:

        If we are there over a weekend, I’ll be sure to look up your church! 🙂

  4. This is so neat! We’ll definitely be remembering you in our prayers! Serving others can be so exciting, hard, boring, and fulfilling. Sometimes all at the same time! 😀
    My hubby has a servant’s heart. He gets called for help a lot.
    My personal favorite way he serves others is through his work though. He’s a garage door man. So oftentimes he’ll called late in the evening by little old ladies. They’ll say that their garage door is stuck, and that they need to go to a doctor’s appointment (or church, or etc) in the morning. So he’ll pull on his shoes and drive to their house and pick up their heavy door for them. Then he’ll ask to see their door remote. Usually it’s a simple problem. He’ll merely change the batteries and hand it back to them.
    Voila! The door goes up now!
    Then he’ll tell them goodnight and come home without charging them anything.
    Yes…. he’s my sweetie. I love him.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      That’s so cute. 🙂 I can just picture the whole thing…

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