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  1. Those pictures were soooo cute! Especially the last one! And the wagon one! And… oh… I just like all of them! 😉
    Yeah… my family loves my hubby, too. His age is only a couple years younger than my parents’ ages, so that makes for a weird dynamic. They’re more like good friends rather than in-laws. My brothers like having an approachable older brother that can identify with what they’re going through. And my nine year old sister runs out to us every time we come to my parents’ house and begs for him to push her on their big swing.
    It’s so adorable… It makes my heart swell up every time. 😀

  2. My family. 🙂 My sister loves him, he gets along great with my brother, and my parents think he’s awesome. It’s such a blessing that my family loves him, too! 🙂

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Yes. yes! It’s wonderful isn’t it?

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