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  1. This makes me think of my husband’s truck. He’s had it since before we got married. It’s (dirty) white, and has a green hood. The reason it has a green hood, is because almost a year after we got married, we were involved in a multi-car pile up. The front of his truck got crunched. Him and I driving in it got pretty shook up. (I was about seven months pregnant, so that was really scary.) Thankfully, we were traveling in a caravan of friends, so a friend drove me to church and sat with me there while my husband talked to the policemen and all that.
    A couple hours later, my husband was finally able to join us at the church. He took one look at big, pregnant me, sitting in a chair, holding an icepack against my head, then he breathed, “Oh Jessi! I didn’t know you were hurt!”
    I assured him that I was okay. That our baby was okay. We had just gotten rattled around a little.
    Then my sweet, tough man immediately dropped down to his knees and started crying into my lap. He was thanking God for taking care of us.
    So… when I look at that green hood on the cover of my hubby’s rebuilt truck… that’s what I can think of. I have a sweet, humble man. One that’s not afraid to give thanks in every situation, with tears.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      What a precious story– and how neat to have that reminder right on his vehicle!

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