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  1. Hi sister,
    Beautiful quote… so much like those verses in James chapter one. ~ Blessings, Amy

  2. *hugs* and lots of prayers.I agree that pain does have something to teach us, even if it just resting in Him and soldiering on.

  3. I venture to say, embracing pain is the only way through it. Praying the way through yours is short.

  4. Powerful! I missed something. Why are you in pain? I.recently decided that I have allowed too much living to be stolen from me while I wallowed in pain (physical and emotional) so I got on a strict diet and started water aerobics for exercise. I have a lot more freedom of movement in the water. This morning I was heading out to an 8:00 class and stepped wrong. I have Achilles Tendonitis in both legs and both ankles chose to give out entirely at the bottom of our stairs. I landed in the grass. Hubby came out to help me up. I tried to take a step and promptly collapsed again. I laid in the yard for a while with ice packs under my ankles. Finally … Slowly … Made it into the house. Still can’t walk, an hour later, and I’m frustrated by the set back BUT I have to acknowledge the blessings! I was at the bottom of the cement steps … Not the top! I landed in grass … Not on concrete. I was at home … Not in a busy parking lot or the pool. I was able to make it to my bed. I had ice packs ready. I already have muscle relaxants and they are doing their thing. This was not MY plan for today but I’ll go with it! Maybe we can pray for each other’s pain?

    1. Oh, my! Ouch! I have tendentious in my wrist, so I know a little bit of that type of pain.

      I have been writing some lately about different types of pain that we can face, living in a fallen world. This was just a quote that I picked up somewhere along the road.

      Will definitely be praying that you find healing, dear. <3

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