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  1. Hmm, sounds like a very wise Amishman just ministered to many non-Amish. Much good here; much to process and pray about. You make me think and pray and dig into the Word, Tasha. Thanks!

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      I am often so honored by the stories that God gifts me with. I am so thankful that it draws you to the Word. That is always my prayer with everything.

  2. Very good. The clothing battle brought on by some is what is driving my daughter away from Jesus after accepting him. Your writing is going to become my tool in this battle for her soul.

  3. Thank you for the reminder. I think it’s time that I remember to put on humility BEFORE my feet hit the ground. 

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  4. Amen!
    I just can’t say that loud enough!
    Thank you for having the courage to tackle this sticky issue.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Hmm… thank you for the encouragement. I feel braver knowing that you’ll be here reading and speaking life into my writing. I appreciate it more than I can say. {hugs}

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