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  1. This part that you shared really hit a hurting chord here!

    But these verses aren’t a to-do list for us, they’re a lesson for men. It’s a calling to men to stop praising or seeking beauty and charm above valor. It’s a calling for them to actually stop and look at the women around them and recognize their value and their work.

    Thanks, Natasha, for sharing this more accurate perspective. It speaks truth! I would much rather be praised for my valor than beauty.

    1. I am so thankful if you were encouraged!

      And you, Wilma, are truly a woman of valor! <3

  2. Joanie Ellis says:

    I’m excited by this! I’ve alway felt Proverbs 31 as an encouragement to do my best with the gifts God gave me, and not as an indictment of what I’m missing. But I’ve heard many other women respond to it in discouragement. I’m sharing it!
    Blessings Natasha!

    1. I am probably much like you, but after hearing many suffering under condemnation from this passage, I wanted to help bring light and hope and joy and honor back into the words.

      Thank you for sharing. ?

  3. Natasha!! Thank you so very much, my friend, for sharing this perspective. I’ve always had trouble with that passage because I couldn’t be all the things listed. But it’s not meant for me!

    1. I’m so thankful if you’re encouraged, friend! ? You are most definitely a woman of Valor in SO many ways!

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