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  1. The God who sees and the God who fills, it’s usually beyond the lack, it’s about the God who fills, this story reminds me a lot about Hagar when she left her son to die because of lack of water after she was sent out of Abraham’s house, God saw her and God met her need for water but it was bigger than water, it was about the realization that God saw her and God more than filled her need. thank you Natasha for this.

  2. Julie Roggie says:

    So true. I have just been dealing with a “lack” that only God can fill. It can take a long time to understand and get to that point! Thank you for sharing.

  3. For me, that lack has been our finances…and it’s hard and a struggle and I feel lost in it all, BUT I also know God is there filling in the gaps.

  4. I love this Natasha! Congratulations on your miracle! Thank you for sharing . He is enough!

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