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  1. Bethany Davis says:

    Hi Natasha!

    With your permission, I would like to offer my congratulations to the whole Metzler family!!! I find it’s very interesting that while you were writing your different posts, that God was already doing a miracle within you. I love that your adopted kids are so excited over this new little one on the way! I have been praying that this little one will bring your kiddos and family more closer together than you have ever been before. I don’t blame you for being extremely nervous about the outcome when you went in for your ultrasound. Please keep us all updated on your progress with Baby Metzler.

    Congratulations, dear sister in Christ!

    In Christ,

  2. I cried with joy alongside you!!!!

  3. That you by faith invited us into your story so many years ago (when you surely did not know the outcome) so we can stand here and praise with you. Two adopted kids. One in your womb. He is so faithful. I don’t know what it’s like to walk thru pregnancy after infertility but I do not what it’s like after repeated miscarriages and so I am praying over you. ❤❤❤

  4. So much love! What you wrote at the end about, it’s all still true….it’s true, a baby doesn’t change the struggles or the blessings that came as a result of infertility. It doesn’t change how it affects and molds you. It’s just a new page in the story, and I am SOOO beyond excited for this new page for you guys.

    I think of and pray for you often…I’ll be sure to add that little one to me list 😉

  5. God is faithful

    Congratulations ❤️

  6. Natasha Mitchell says:

    I made the mistake of reading this at work, and now I’m ugly crying!
    I have followed your story since dealing with my own infertility, and even after I had my miracle. Truth be told, I only found your blog because I saw we had the same name! (I’m Natasha too 🙂 and I thought, “here’s another Natasha going through the same thing…” and I felt close to you because of that. And after I got pregnant, I stopped reading for awhile, because I had guilt…that I had my miracle and you didn’t. And while I was so joyful in my blessing, there was still this pain of so many women who didn’t have theirs. I wonder if we can also share that now?
    Natasha, I am OVERJOYED for this blessing growing inside of you! I pray God’s strength and peace over you and you and your husband, and also protection over yours and the baby’s health.
    Congratulations!! 😀

    1. Oh, friend, thank you for rejoicing with us! And sorry about the ugly cry. 😉

      I can’t always keep track of my subscribers, but I noticed you because of the name as well! 😊 It’s just not too often that I see the same name.

      May the Lord continue to bless you. 💕

  7. Tiphanie Sizemore says:

    Natasha, I’m crying tears of joy with you. I have followed your stories for years now and I have hoped and prayed for you and your situation- I am so excited for you! We serve a prayer answering God. He is faithful- with or without! He is Good! What a testimony of his power and his timing – I know only you and your husband fully understand the despair and heartache this last 11 years have held, but you are able to minister to “barren” women in a way most regular women could never reach. This wonderful news is just a testament of holding true to God and his promises no matter what we see- walking by faith, not by sight- so so happy for you! This couldn’t be happening to a better family than you guys. Keep us updated- your “online” sisters in Christ are so happy for your “happy ending”!

    1. Oh, friend, thank you for this sweet encouragement! And thank you for rejoicing with us! 💕

  8. I just have to comment. I am jumping up and down with joy inside for you!! Several years ago when our infertility was excruciating the Lord used your writing to minister to me. He brought healing and children through foster care/adoption. I thank Him! And experience true joy when an infertility sister starts growing a tiny little miracle! I’ll be praying for you and the baby! Grace

  9. Casey Kohlman says:

    I am in tears over how thankful I am that God has opened and filled your womb!! I started following your journey toward the beginning of my own 5-year-long infertility journey. He has since allowed us to have two precious children, but I have never forgotten you or your ministry to so many. Praise God for this blessing for you and your family!! I’m so thankful!

  10. Oh wow! Natasha that is the most wonderful news! Congratulations! I read this with tears streaming down my face. Even though its totally one sided, you sometimes you feel like a friend just from reading your wonderful writing over the years! (I like to think we would be kindred spirits if ever we met.) I’m just so delighted for you. And amazed by God’s goodness!

    Thank you for sharing this tender news. Just this week God has been speaking to me about a growing cynicism in my heart after years of illness & disappointment, hopes deferred and longing for healing that has never come. He has been reminding me that He asks me to hope, not to let me heart grow hard or bitter. The outcome I hope & pray for isn’t guaranteed but God’s goodness and love for me is assured. He is who He says He is! Thank you for sharing honestly in your struggles and your joys, encouraging and pointing us back toward Him.

  11. I’m rejoicing in a Father God who loves to give His children good gifts even if they aren’t the gifts the children think they want… and when they are.
    I praised Him for the lessons you shared in the “aren’t” before.
    Praising Him for the “are” today.

  12. This shook me to my core tonight and breathed new hope into me. First of all, God is good, no matter what and I’ve always believed that. Secondly, congratulations!!!! And thirdly, thank you for sharing and being so real with us. Your testimony has helped me tremendously as I continue to tread the waters of what seems like perpetual singleness and sometimes wonder if God can hear me and my heart longing.

    1. Praying you feel Him near as you continue your own journey, friend. 💕 Thank you for sharing in our joy with us!

  13. Chantel Brankshire says:

    Thank you, Jesus, for this gift. ❤

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