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  1. I use Desiring God’s Fighter Verses for memorizing Scripture! I have the app on my iPhone. The app has songs, games, and audio readings to help you memorize. It even has pictures that you can use on your lock screen. I absentmindedly check my phone out of habit and so I will constantly be reminded of my memory verse! I am loving it!

    On another note, I used that tree just yesterday for my blog art! Picmonkey? 🙂

  2. txcollies says:

    Perfect timing! I was just thinking today how my main goal for the Summer was learning to stay in the Word. I was horrified to realize that I’ve actually never even read the entire Bible through. :-/

    I have found an app called ‘Scripture Typer’ that has been a huge help to me as I learn to memorize scripture.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Oh, I’ve heard of Scripture Typer! I had completely forgotten about it though. My aunt told me about it awhile back and I know she really loves it.

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