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  1. Awesome sharing girl! The internet is a powerful pull… I’m just praying that God is a much bigger pull for me. Praying that my abilities, dependency, love for writing and sharing… comes from His love and not from me! Thank you so much for sharing! You’re cute. 😉 ~ Blessings from Maine sister, Amy

  2. I’m the same exact way about folding laundry, no idea why. Glad you had some decent away-time 🙂

  3. I’m going to my churches camp for three weeks and they don’t have Internet connection except in one of the buildings. I guess I’ll get to see what it’s like w/o my computer/iPod. It always helps to take a break from that.

  4. A timer….yes…I need to invest in a timer and be. more. disciplined. So. help. me. God! <3 you Natasha!

  5. Interesting points to glean from your time away, Natasha. I am also a people pleaser and feel the same way when offline. It is good to step away at times. Most of us could get better at that. Enjoy this blessed weekend.

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