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  1. I took communion when I was 12 years old and accepted Jesus as my savior!! But it was about five decades later, that I heard Jesus voice out loud. He said to me; you are saved, you are saved, you are saved. Then the last four words he spoke to me, was: I give you strength!! I was crying the hottest tears that I have ever cried in my entire life, asking for my sins to be forgiven from the minute I came out of my mother’s womb to that minute right now out on my porch, with my head bowed and speaking for the very first time in my life talking to god out loud!! I learned and it took awhile from asking questions, that I thought I was saved when I took my first communion at twelve years old, but I wasn’t, what I was told and now truely understand when I was twelve I acknowledged Jesus died for my sins; but it was that day I laid my heart open, that I finally accepted Jesus completely into my heart! If you do not know the definition for strength, look it up in the Webster dictionary. It says, power, might, toughness, durability, soundness, vigor, potency, power of the body, mind, position, and intensity! I’m still blown away, every single day of my life. That doesn’t mean I have a free ride to that day. No I will have to follow the Ten Commandments. If I break one I now know, to ask for forgiveness, and to live a true Christian life. I’m only human! The world is getting worse by the minute now. Pray everyone, pray to have Jesus come into your life. It is so worth.

  2. Just learning this for myself today… very timely. Salt heals all manner of disease… thanks for sharing, Friend.

  3. I loved this post! There are so many times that life just feels so overwhelming, This post is something I will always remember when I cry. Sometimes, I would feel ashamed for my tears, but now I realize there is nothing to be ashamed of. Also, I loved how the last line made me laugh. 🙂

  4. Spent summers in Alabama and know the burn of those ants. Again…you’ve got me thinking. It’s been a process but I’ve known many tears. The ” I don’t think it’s fair” tears , the “give me a baby or I know I’ll die” tears, the “it is well” tears, the ” indescribable joy when it happened but you were prepared to be at peace anyhow” tears and finally the sweet laughter that comes with tears…no more. Love the transparency you bring to the table. I had a few trusted friends that I could be real with but could never have been so bold and write so publicly about something so close. He is using you lady and it is lovely to witness. Much respect Natasha.

  5. This was beautiful. I cried harder than I’ve probably ever cried in my life just yesterday. And the trial still isn’t over. Thank you so much for this.

  6. P.S. Texas has fire ants too! OUCH! And Chiggers which is a whole other brand of torture by bug!

  7. Oh Tasha … such truth! All of it. I remember the days when every pregnant woman was a personal affront. Not that they meant to be … it just felt like that! And then, when Josiah was 6, I had a miscarriage. 6 months later a friend asked us to stand with them as they dedicated their newborn. I stood, on stage at church, with tears pouring down my face. It was Mother’s Day and all I could feel was that I was supposed to be holding, and dedicating, my own baby that morning. It’s so hard! I’m so amazed by you as you share the pain … and the grace that redeems it! I didn’t learn the lesson that well through infertility.

    Love you!

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