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  1. Hardly a comment Tashy. It’s right where I’m at. Thanks for the reminder that people with this disease really have lost their ABILITY to be rational and LOVE DOES ALWAYS TRIUMPH.

  2. Beautiful Natasha…all of it. Your words, your heart for Helen.

  3. Hi Natasha. I loved reading about Helen. My own mother, at 70, is challenged with remembering things. perhaps a mild dementia but it’s noticeable. We are having her tested and praying for the best..sigh..So this post touched me. You already know I’m a fan and I’m incredibly inspired by your testimony of humility and courage as you tackle infertility. I am nominating you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award. When you have the time visit the link to my site to find out more…-blogger-award/

  4. This is beautiful, Tasha! As is your heart! … By the way … God had me praying for you today as I was washing dishes. Love you!

  5. Natasha, you were truly God’s Hands and Heart with Helen. Bless you for your servant’s heart!

  6. Reaching out in compassion is always the best response to fear and anger. But it can be very difficult. You put aside your hurt and responded to beautiful Helen with grace and love, Natasha. Lovely reflection of Jesus.

  7. My favorite workplace was the special care unit for dementia residents, I’ve seen many “Helens” there. You have a lovely heart, and a beautiful spirit. Thank you for your service to Christ by serving the least of these.


  8. What a bittersweet story that touches close to home on several levels. God bless.

  9. Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. Tash, thanks for the wonderful reminder of how precious people are with this condition and how a gentle hand patient spirit is so calming to them.

  10. ohhhh! I’m in awe! Thank you for this…. my great grandma passed because of Alzheimers

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