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  1. Alison Kroeker says:

    Emma!!! One of my favorite classic novels! I’m loving reading Emma and the Reasons!
    three things very dull indeed:
    1. Foster care paperwork is monotonous!
    2. Sitting in court advocating for your foster children’s needs (no matter if they stay or go, because that part really isn’t the point) for hours waiting for your case to be called
    3. Hm….nothing is dull around here with our crew and crazies that keep my day filled with joy, tears, chasing them around, diaper changes, and lots of bubble baths! 😉

    You’ve been an encouragement in my life for over 10 years! Keep shining for Jesus!!!!!

    1. Now those are some very dull things indeed. I’m so thankful for those who are willing to do the work of foster care though. ❤️ May the Lord bless you richly for it!

      I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged for all this time!! ❤️❤️

  2. OK going for the three dull things… A person spends approximately 6 months of their lifetime waiting for that light to go green, pigs are the only farm animal that can get sunburnt, and I only wake up on time if my alarm goes off.

  3. 1 thing! We’re trying to adopt!

    Thanks for posting a reminder for this contest! I thought i already commented but truly hadn’t.
    Also, just wanted to thank you in general. After four losses and navigated adoption, your posts have been a balm to my soul.

  4. Emily Mann says:

    Emma! I love that book. 😊

  5. I have not read Emma, but I loved Emma and the Reasons!!! I cannot wait for your next novel!

  6. The quote is from “Emma” by Jane Austen (I’ve read some of it, haven’t gotten around to finishing it just yet) and a very clever thing…

    The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn 🙂

  7. Sally Hessnice says:

    Very clever- took the rubber ring off a car oil filter and used it on my blender. Moderately clever- took the fabric off the back of my sofa to patch the front of it. 2nd moderately clever-cut my tube of toothpaste in half to get another weeks usage. 3 dull things- took a shower, brushed my teeth and cleaned the kitchen.

    Moderately clever-

  8. Julie Roggie says:

    Love reading your blogs! I am not great at coming up with clever sayings, so this may end up in the “very dull indeed” category! But I do really need to read this book someday– it sounds like a lot of fun! =)

  9. I would love to receive your book. I have one of your devotional and loved it.

  10. Emma!

    I have not read Emma and the Reasons yet. It is on my list!

  11. Nicole Metzler says:

    Quote from Jane Austin’s “ Emma”. Looking forward to reading this one.

  12. 3 Things Very Dull Indeed (sourced from a few google searches for dull facts):
    1) Boring, Oregon and Dull, Scotland are sister cities
    2) According a computer program that calculated news and events, April 11, 1954 was the most boring day ever
    3) People who report feeling more boredom are more likely to have injured or underdeveloped frontal cortexes. This part of the brain plays a crucial role in self-control and self-regulation.

  13. Emma!!!
    Oh, I would love to win this because I want to read the book so badly!
    Thank you for your writing. You words have blessed me so many times on this infertility journey, because you GET it. May God bless you and grant you the desires of your heart in His perfect timing and way!

  14. Quote by Emma, Jane Austin.

    I really enjoy and am encouraged (and sometimes toes stepped on) reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your true feelings and not holding back.

    Would love to win the giveaway!

  15. Jennie Busenitz says:

    Loved this book!!! Wish I would have bought the paperback instead of ebook so I could share it with others!

  16. Now I want to reread the book and try to figure out which character is more like you! I got so caught up in the story that I didn’t even try to analyze that. 😉

    What a lovely giveaway! I only have the book on kindle, so to get a signed paper copy would be super exciting. 😀

  17. Casey Kohlman says:

    That quote is from “Emma” by Jane Austen! 😁 I’m excited to read your book and have found encouragement from you for several years. Thank you for being open and honest!

  18. Emma! By Jane Austen, of course.

  19. Ronda Daniels says:

    I was so excited to be an early reader of your book. I am looking forward to the next one. I would like to win the book so I can donate it to my church library

  20. I actually think.i would very much enjoy this book. I enjoyed reading your 5 fun facts. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jennifer Jantzi LaFlesh says:

    “one thing very clever…or two things moderately clever; or three things very dull indeed.”

  22. Emma and the Reasons. I loved this book so much! I would love to win the giveaway. If not, I know it will be a blessing to whoever wins 🙂

  23. I don’t have any clever things to write but I would love to have a hard copy of this book to lend to all my friends! I’ve told many about it because like someone else mentioned, I’ve laughed, I’ve wanted to cry and I’ve worshipped God all in the same book. I am anxiously awaiting a sequel and unfortunately can’t really lend a kindle book to my friends. I’ve read Jane Austen but not sure I’ve read Emma.

    Oh and maple syrup!!! That’s enough to make me drool. I’ve been wishing for some!!!

  24. Karen Callicott says:

    Quote is from Emma by Jane Austin! 🙂

  25. One thing-

    This is one of those special books I finished and wanted to restart immediately! (As there was no sequel yet:)) So uplifting, funny, encouraging! Hope to read more from you soon!

  26. My two things moderately clever:
    1. Upon failing to convey 3oz. of NY maple syrup in my liquids baggie back to TX, entering to win 4oz. and have it shipped to me.
    2. Reading the prequel while I was single and the book while I’m in a relationship. 😉

  27. “I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.”
    —Albert Einstein

  28. The quote is from Emma.

  29. The author of this book is called to write women’s fiction!!
    There, a very brilliant thing. 🙂
    Seriously, I cried, I laughed, I worshiped God, and I wished I could find a friend to read it and join me in my happy place.

  30. The quote came from Emma by Jane Austen!

  31. Krista Cruz says:

    The quote is from Emma!

    I really loved reading this book! You are a very talented writer. I look forward to reading more books from you.

  32. Emma and her roommates, opening their house for anyone…can so see you in that! Love this book. Is there going to be a book 2?

  33. Stefanie Cunnington says:

    The quote is from Emma!
    Thank you!

  34. Rebecca Bolinger says:

    One thing very clever

    I love reading your blog and Facebook post! You have and will continue to be a big encouragement to me!!

  35. Darlene Sargent says:

    I am now more than interested in reading your book, “EMMA and the REASONS,” because I would love the challenge of “detecting” which character in the book you “wrote yourself in” via. LOL!!

  36. Emma!

    Also, I just read another novel written from life on a similar theme to yours…and yours is still my favorite!! I so appreciate the realism, the joy and the hope.

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