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  1. mquigleychapman says:

    There is so much good stuff in this post! I liked your definition of legalism, your book recommendation, and your checklist for applying scripture!

    Thanks for sharing this at Make Life Meaningful Monday!

  2. So much good information in this post — the legalism definition, the book you suggested (with the video of the sermon), and the study method. I loved it. I also enjoyed the comments of others — going to look up the SOAP method….

    Thanks so much for linking this wonderful post to Make Life Meaningful Monday!

  3. Peggy Lago says:

    printed all that out….. 🙂

  4. I have had a copy of “Run, Baby, Run” since I was in High School, and it’s an amazing book! it reminds me that anyone can be saved and *anyone* can be used by God.

  5. Great post! I really appreciate your defining legalism and reminding me that the Holy Spirit is required to apply scripture to my life.

    I use the SOAP Bible study method most of the time. I usually even translate my inductive studies into the SOAP format, it’s just such a good way of organizing my thoughts and feelings on scripture.

    I did the Bible in 90 Days last summer- it was life changing! I’ve been planning to do it again, but in chronological format this time. Reading all of scripture at once just makes the overall theme and picture so much clearer.

    Have you tried listening to the Bible in order to memorize it? My husband has most of the New Testament memorized and he did it by listening to it rather than memorizing by reading. He seems to think it’s much more effective. I haven’t tried it myself though.

    Romans 8:28 is my all time favorite verse. 😉

    1. I’ve never heard of that method, will definitely research it! I love having new ideas up my sleeve for when I get bogged down.

      I do listen to the Bible on CD quite often and it is very helpful. I think I’m more of a visual learner rather than audio though. I’m working at it for about an hour a day (while I’m milking cows. 🙂 and have been doing quite well, I think. I should try to listen to that chapter more though- the repetition can’t hurt!

  6. Thanks for the printout, Natasha. I’m going to give the checklist a try.

    1. I hope it is helpful! <3

    2. I hope it is helpful! <3

    3. I hope it is helpful! <3

  7. Good Evening to you Natasha girl,
    I so enjoy coming by to see what God prompts you with next. I really like your scripture checklist idea. I’m pondering tonight how God’s Spirit wants me to consume more Bible? I love this Christian journey. It’s always learning, always repenting, always being loved by a perfect God! ~ Blessings, sister, Amy

    1. I love this Christian journey. It’s always learning, always repenting, always being loved by a perfect God!

      So, so, so perfectly said.

  8. staceydaze says:

    Okay, first, props for memorizing a chapter! It takes me three months to get one verse down. 😉 But I really like this post so much. It does start with us individually.

    1. Well, I’m only half way through the chapter and *ahem* I’ve been working on it for over a year. So, there you go! 🙂

      1. staceydaze says:

        ha! You make me laugh. At least you are working towards something, yes? Baby steps!

        1. Yes, yes. Baby steps. One little verse at a time. And what I do know, I know REALLY well, so that should count for something, eh?

          1. staceydaze says:

            It certianly does!

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