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  1. Bethany Davis says:

    Hi Natasha,

    So I have read this particular post several times, but haven’t had the chance to comment on it yet. I loved your son’s conclusion that being spoiled stinks. I’m afraid I act more like a spoiled child than the daughter of the King that I am, or even more like a spoiled child than my earthly parents’ daughter that I am. I love how your husband put things to your son as strait as he did. Thank you for sharing this post with the rest of us. I always say that I’m going to do things different and for the better, then the next day or the next hour I’m acting like a spoiled child and stomping my feet or throwing a tantrum. I love that your son saw the light and realize that being spoiled does stink.

    On a side note: Don’t feel bad, our refrigerator has been in similar conditions as your fridge was when you wrote this post. I think cleaning out the fridge is one of my least favorite jobs to do, especially after the Holidays.

    God Bless,

  2. Thank you for sharing this message…Very convicting and encouraging!

  3. Lisa Passero says:

    I’m super encouraged by this, Natasha. Both, the Holy Spirit lead shepherding of your son’s heart, and the Holy Spirit lead application to each of our lives. May we both live as daughters, princesses really, of our Daddy King.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I am so thankful you were encouraged!! This is my prayer with writing down these lessons and stories– and it blesses me to see God use them to encourage others!

  4. Thank you dear sister,
    Another excellent post.

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