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  1. Some time ago it was brought to my attention that the account written in Mark 4 mentions “There were also other boats with Him” (verse 36). Matthew 8 and Luke 8 do not have this detail.
    This reminds me that during a storm in my life that others are facing a storm, too. Focusing on others during a storm actually helps me go through the storm “easier” because I am not just thinking about me. We never know how long a storm lasts. I don’t want to waste that time only wallowing in my pain. If I reach out to others, I not only renew my strength and hope, but that person’s strength and hope is renewed as well. I like the thought of finding the purpose of our pain because we all have some kind of pain.
    Thanks for blogging, Tasha. I don’t always read them right away, but try to read them all eventually 🙂

  2. So good Tasha! I’ve so been there, knowing that God was there, but completely at a loss as to why I was in the storm, and what I had done to deserve it. For me, it wasn’t until I said OK and realized that He was still in control, that the storm began to quiet…and sometimes, it would still rage up, but always would dissipate.

  3. Ah Tasha … again you speak to my heart! I sat, in my counselor’s office, crying recently, saying, “but I already dealt with this issue of whether or not I trust God for who He is and His plan for me, why do I have to do this again? ” She told me that this is the human experience and that in each cycle He draws me closer and reveals more of Himself to me.

    I don’t like my storm. My husband has told me that he “wants to be done for now. ” I am living in Wisconsin. Away from everything and everyone I love. My heart longs for home! And Jesus tells me that I need to learn that He is my hope and my home. The storm continues to rage but when I lean into Him … I find peace!

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      Oh, praying for you, Beth! <3 May this storm bring out true worship in your heart. {hugs}

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