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  1. It’s painful trying to find a Christian-centered book on adoption for children, no matter the age. Everything we’ve read in hopes of sharing with our young child equates adopting as being wonderful and special … and then there’s usually inclusion of families are also made of two daddies and two mommies. As Christians, that’s not something we want to teach our child as the way God intended families to be. Especially to merge that with his adoption story and God’s sacred opinion of adoption. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

  2. I have written a book that introduces a child to the beautiful story of adoption. A simple story that begins the conversation of the wonderful gift of adoption.
    It is called BORN FROM OUR HEART available on Amazon

  3. Whoa, I’m just a little excited that Upside Down made this list! 😉 Thank you! I’m excited to check out the others that I haven’t read yet, too. Great suggestions!

    1. I’ve been working slowly at getting this list together and it was actually Upside Down that inspired me to get it posted! 😊 It really is such a great blessing– the simplicity of your explanations on the pendulums and magnetic forces, etc… Has been a HUGE ah ha! moment for my husband and I. We knew with our son, specifically, that he was always “Dad shopping” as we called it and we’ve had so many think we are crazy when we tell him he’s not allowed to ask other men questions, but needs to only ask HIS daddy, and reading your illustration of what’s happening was SO encouraging (and will be shared over and over, I’m sure!) 😊

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