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  1. Natasha, as always, your words are full of real long lasting hope. You always circle round to the truth and it’s so beautiful… & life giving. I had a similar incident this month – truly with every fibre I believed that I was pregnant – that would be 100% miraculous in our case. And then I wasn’t and I think the first words that wanted to slip out of my mouth were along the lines of “silly you Angie, did you seriously think…” I have experienced the wonder of pregnancy thro carrying my son who we adopted as an embryo and the wonder of parenting these two beautiful children of mine who we’ve been blessed with thro adoption…. but somehow I still feel like our story isn’t finished. But maybe it is. God will need to reveal this to me… as I set my sights on Him.

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog and this post was just what I needed today. I’m always amazed at our ability to hope again and again, even when the answer has always been “no.” Thanks for sharing your heart and thoughts on infertility ; I can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  3. I’m a little late responding to this, but I still want to. I know just what you mean, hope always ready to spring up, even when I wish it wouldn’t because disappointment hurts. Recently I heard this same thought, that as we surrender to God in disappointments, to not give up hoping in Him and His good plan for us. To not let our hearts die. Thank you for the reminder to live by the Water!

  4. Many times I also find myself in that same situation, wonder, is this the day that the Lord will work a miracle? is it today that he has finally chosen to bring healingl?..but then I re-remember what I re-forgot, that there’s a greater hope, even than the good and wonderful things our hearts desire, there’s a greater glory awaiting us, a greater Joy, when we shall finally be United with our Lord and in his kingdom! and that is far far greater than my biggest dreams or hopes. because we’re living in a broken world, that has been marred by sin, and that same sin still lurks in our members! but thanks be to God, who through christ jesus has saved us from its power, even though every day we fight for faith, for hope, and for love, we can rejoice knowing that any sufferings we go through are but light and momentary!

  5. Peggy Lago says:

    I have been writing (and doing) a study about dealing with disappointments for my ladies group, and i would like to read this to them. Always pointing us in the right direction, Natasha! Thank you.

  6. This is so beautifully written and speaks to me. I’m standing with you that you (and I) will one day be healed and bear children! Until then, I’m drinking living water (and some coffee too).

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