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  1. This is awesome, Natasha. Sin= Death. What a poignant picture of a biblical concept!
    “Because if you don’t look death in the face you’ll learn to overlook it.”
    I’ll be thinking on this today…

  2. We always want to avoid the distasteful things in our world, but they are so often distasteful, because in them is Him.

    Wonderful way of showing this Natasha.

  3. simplyhelpinghim says:

    Death….something I do not like to think about nor deal with….thank you for giving me a different way to see it! Blessings!

    1. I’m right there with you! How thankful I am that He redeems.

  4. Thanks so much Natasha girl! The real, daily, present moments are the best for hearing from Him. Thanks sister for sharing! You always get me thinking and I like that. Go with God girl! ~ Blessings, Amy

  5. Love this, Natasha! Well said.
    You recollections bring back memories of my days in the dairy barn and caring for the calves. I loved bottle feeding the little ones.

    1. I enjoy feeding the calves most of the time. (yesterday I would have left off the “most of the time” but we had a huge heifer calf born this morning who has been a pain in the rear. 🙂 ) I do, however, love how easy it seems to be to hear God speaking in the quiet earthiness of the barn.

  6. Oh, but you do have a way with words. You get to the soul of the matter.

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