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  1. So beautiful!! I hate hearing people ‘falling’ out of love!!! Love is definitely a choice and we choose daily how/who we want to love! Thankful for marriage and the work it takes!!!

  2. Oh Natasha this was so beautifully written and so very true. And one is never too old to be reminded again of the cost of loving. Thanks for “readjusting” my own heart. 🙂

  3. I giggled at the wanting to switch chores…sounds like my house, but life is work. It doesn’t matter what it is, at some point it will feel more like work than fun, and that’s when we can make the choice to quit {which we’ll never find something that will always make us happy…outside of Jesus} or to push through.

    More people need to realize this…

  4. So heartfelt. My mom told me this same sort of thing a while ago, and it’s proven to be so true and I appreciate her so much for telling it to me. Hopefully your daughter will benefit from your words as much as I benefited from my parent’s. Good stuff.

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