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  1. Ah Natasha. Wonder wonder woman. There are some days I SO selfishly wish I could wind back the clock and learn these things when it seems like it would have made the most difference. I question God’s sovereignty in allowing me to read and see them in women like you NOW when all my own are gone and out of the nest. I want to beat myself up with guilt again. How selfish of me! Because I do get to share your joy now and I can see those other Mama’s on the edge and I can say in a very Titus 2 way, “Hey, let’s pray.” and offer the consolation I wish I’d had but can give now. Bless you and yours. <3

    1. Definitely no guilt, sweet Lorretta! You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me– and God brings us all into different seasons at different times for His own purpose. <3 May we all simply learn when He brings things to our attention, and allow our hearts to be transformed.

  2. Oh Natasha. Thank you. Your willingness to speak the truth has brought me so much courage.

  3. Marcia Clifton Robbins says:

    I have often said to new parents that you will want to shake the baby, hit the child, or say mean things that hurt. You are tired and scared you don’t know what you are doing. The only difference between abusive parents and good parents is that you control yourself and don’t do it, with God’s help. I have had to put the baby in a safe place and walk away. I have stopped the grab or slap and walked away. I have said a word I wish I did not and apologized, saying ” that was wrong and I am sorry”. Parenting is hard. God is great.

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