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  1. Beautiful piece, I’m in suspense. Did you get it fixed? <3 goes out to another farmer when there is down time.

    1. Actually, he bypassed the switch somehow. Ran a new hose, I believe. We chopped corn last night. still more to go, but feeling optimistic!

      1. That’s good to hear. It’s no wonder so many of us farmer’s are Christians because somedays prayer is the only tool we have left in the toolbox.

  2. Emily Wiebe says:

    Beautiful, Tasha. I had tears in my eyes. A very good reminder. Thank you!

  3. Good reminder to me too. Ray is trying to erect the coverall for the cows for a year now and EVERYTHING that can go wrong has. The wind is blowing we had our first snow…time is ticking and I have forgotten to pray.

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