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  1. I’m so far behind in reading this, but I needed it today…thank you.
    Off to look up God Calling…

  2. Wow! This is amazing! I needed this today. It has been a powerful second witness.
    It sounds so very similar to a chapter I just finished editing in A Memoir of Mercy.
    A man just told his fiancee something she never ever wanted to hear. And this is her reaction, along with how God told her to deal with the pain and forgive her fiancee for causing it.

    “My glass castle was shattered. It lay in ruins around my feet. I hadn’t known I could feel pain this deep as I looked at the pieces. All my childhood hopes and dreams were utterly murdered. In one fell stroke, Ashes had just killed off the last one, the one I had been holding onto with a tight-knuckled grip.
    “Oh, God this hurts!” I wheezed. “Why does it hurt so much?!”
    “Failed expectations.” Something deep inside whispered back to me. “Broken dreams. You’ve built a stronghold of thoughts in your heart and it is being torn down. Let it fall. Only if you let it fall can you be free from the chains it binds you with. I did not put that stronghold there, you did it. Every thought was a stone you built the wall higher with. That wall does not belong there. Let the stronghold fall so that we can build a mighty bridge of love with the pieces. Only when you do that, can you learn true mercy.”
    “How do I let it fall?” I pleaded.
    “You feel the hurt, but then you let it go. Let it flow right on out of you instead of blocking and damming it up. Let it flow out. Feel the pain, but love him anyway. Push on in spite of your pain and reach out towards him. Realize how all this doesn’t change your love for him, it only makes it stronger. It gives you determination. Choose to love. Every time you choose to love instead of withdrawing in hurt, you build a bridge instead of building a wall. It doesn’t mean you don’t hurt, it just means that you use the hurt to better yourself instead of playing the victim to it. Press on! Love! I will help you if you let me. If you let it all go and trust Me. Will you do that?”
    It hurt. It hurt worse than anything I had ever felt before. But I ended up nodding and whispering, “Yes. Please… please help me!”
    I didn’t magically feel better, however, somehow I knew that my prayer had been heard. I clenched my jaw and wiped my face with my hand, then forced my arm to reach out and wrap itself around Ashes’ shoulders.
    He seemed shocked that I was hugging him like that.
    “I thought you’d… hate me.” He whispered.
    I kept my eyes shut. Everything was churning inside me so strongly it made my voice sound rough as I blurted out, “No! I love you! I love you! This doesn’t change that! I still love you!”
    Ash sat there with a surprised expression. I was still crying, I was obviously still hurt. He couldn’t understand.
    “But what about what I told you?” He asked in an incredulous tone.
    Things were getting a little easier. I could breathe now, and open my eyes. Something was whispering my answer deep inside me.
    “That’s… water under the bridge.” I forced myself to say, with a tearful smile. “Just like… everything else.”

    All that right there was something the Lord whispered to me one night when I was going through something very simliar to what this girl went through. It is…so… healing.

    1. Natasha Metzler says:

      How very incredible. Love, love, love it.

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