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  1. Blessings to you. Natasha have a wonderful blessed 2020.

  2. Natasha wishing you and your family a HAPPY,HEALTHY and A BLESSED NEW YEAR.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Dear Natasha, I have followed you for years. What a blessing you are to those in need of God. Thru it all, God has been present in your life. Thank you. God bless, Charlotte Robbins Rose

  4. Thank you. A crucial reminder of what we all need at all times.

  5. Julie Roggie says:

    Yes! So true! I need to be “settled in the presence of Christ,” whatever my circumstances are. And this fits very well w/ my theme word for the new year “hope.” If it wasn’t for my hope in Him, life would be meaningless. I am so thankful you were one of the “lucky”/ BLESSED ones to receive your baby girl, but I know that not everything is always as it appears and pain and joy, times of blessings and loss and grief can sometimes be happening in our lives all at once! God is faithful!

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